"Be yourself and be kind."

Mic check, one, two, one, two…

Dynomike and friends have a gift for you.

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NEW! Dynomike wants some strawberry pickles, but the store is fresh out! Luckily, his trip is not a total waste. He is in just the right place to help his friend Spunky catch his runaway banana cart. Expecting nothing in return, this kind gesture starts a chain reaction of good deeds.

In Dynomike: Pay It Forward, follow Dynomike and his friends through their neighborhood as they use their hands, head, and heart in simple ways to pay it forward and brighten other’s lives.




Behind the Creator of Dynomike
Frankie B. Rabbit

Frankie B. Rabbit is the creator of Dynomike. He was born and raised in New Jersey where he spent most of his time making rap music. Frankie decided to write children's books with a similar rhyming style to his rap music. He then started "DYNOMIKE". A children's book series with fun rhymes, vibrant illustrations, memorable characters, and stories to help kids learn life lessons while enjoying our fun stories. 

We hope you enjoy reading the books as much as we did creating them!